our  story

Danny Nausha began working with leather as a passion project. A  firefighter of 14 years who often spends days, sometimes weeks away from his family.  He found that spending off days in his garage working with the soft and forgiving forms of leather was therapeutic for him.  In his home environment, he was surrounded by the laughter and playfulness of his three growing children, accompanied by his best friend and wife, the talented and gifted Leanna. Together, their ideas grew and this passion for leather became infectious.


Up the road from the Nausha family, family friend and soul-sister Kimberly Murphy was quite impressed with her friends’ craftsmanship. A professional stunt woman and mother, Kimberly gifted one of Danny’s handmade scissor bags to a close friend, and professional hair stylist. The response was unexpected as well as the demand that followed. The Romero Canyon families soon saw the opportunity to share their products with others, and Romero Canyon Leather was born.


Romero Canyon Leather features handmade items delicately made with great attention to detail and precision…items made with care, by friends and family who care.  Featuring Tandy Leather that is locally sourced, Leanna and Kim thoughtfully design each product that Danny then brings to our hands, pockets, waists and shoulders.

Romero Canyon Leather